Partnership Program

Sell Books Online through our Partnership Program

Our partnership program is an excellent way to sell books online and increase the value of your books and media. For quick reference, you can download a printable copy of our handout and easy to follow flow charts of the partnership processes. We offer best in class tools and expert appraisal to ensure the success of your online sales. We ask for no money up front and we do not force anyone to sign long term contracts. We believe our results will speak for themselves. We also donate books in connection with Friends of the Library, Salvation Army, and Goodwill. Check out our handout below!


Take a look at our programs

Our first program is simple, we provided you with all the materials and training needed to properly look through donated media either on or offsite. By using our customized program employees at your location will be able to determine acceptable material for us to sell on your behalf! All technical issues can be solved offsite by one of our program experts. For the flowchart of this program, just look below!

Program 1 Flowchart

Our second program is just as easy, and requires even less from you. We will purchase all excess donated visual media at whatever your location’s current salvage rate is and have it shipped by the truck load to our location. We take care of all of the scanning and sell as much as we can online, which could potentially lead into even more revenue gained for your location!

Program 2 Flowchart

Help Others Too

Shared Knowledge is a federally registered public charity. The 50% that we keep from each sale keeps us running and goes toward improving public libraries and providing literacy programs, like that of our friends at The Salvation Army, the Goodwill, and Friends of the Library.


Still have questions?  Our FAQ has some quick answers.  If you can’t find what you need there, please contact us.